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Writing has been my passion for a long time but it took retirement for me to achieve my ambition.

I live in Laem Mae Phim on the coast in Rayong Thailand.

Most of the day I spend writing when at home. When I am not writing I am travelling the world as background to my books with my beautiful partner Pitsinee.

Through my work as a consultant I have been to many countries and there cities. I have seen firsthand the underworld and witnessed the hardship and poverty that exists in the world today..

Many of the events I write about I have seen and use these experiences as background to my stories.

I am a writer of fiction in e-books, that can be puchased on line at Amazon, Kindle books, Smashwords, Ingramspark and many other reputable book stores. 

If you  want to sample my work email me at samboydauthor@aol.com and I will send you a free signed copy of CONSEQUENCES.


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[Following is an abridged version of the official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Consequences" by Sam Boyd.]

Consequences by Sam Boyd is a short novel following Jack Turner, the son of village shopkeepers, as he makes his way into English high society. Through his education in a well-regarded school and his friendship with high-born Rupert Winstanley, Jack mixes with the upper classes, becoming a successful lawyer and a Lord near the end of the story. The plot traverses a range of events, from Jack's school days and first love, to the beginning of his career and the eventual souring of the close friendship between himself and Rupert. Consequences comes to a swift and dramatic conclusion in which the meaning of the title becomes apparent, leaving a rather regretful and dismayed Jack. The only thing he has left to hold on to is the maxim instilled in him by his typically English mother - "to keep a stiff upper lip". 

I thought that the English setting was adroitly created; it felt very true to life. The portrayal of a large public school was expertly achieved, as was that of upper class pursuits such as attending horse races and lavish dinners in country houses.  

The writing style of Consequences fits the content, as it matches the character of narrator Jack.  I found the character of Jack sympathetic in his efforts to better himself and to act honourably in all circumstances. He is contrasted with his best friend, Rupert, who fits the type of the carefree playboy. Rupert's actions are the ones that have the biggest - and ultimately the most shocking - impact on the characters. I also found Anne, who was a love interest for both men, to be a convincingly depicted protagonist.

I would recommend Consequences for its plot, which was the main draw. I found Jack's narration to be engaging and effortless to read. Readers who enjoy fiction set in England would like this book. as the milieu is accurately captured.  There is a second Jack Turner novel for those who enjoy this one. Boyd is a good author with a firm grasp of character and incident.

The book can purchased at: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075PFQCVD


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