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Writing has been my passion for a long time but it took retirement for me to achieve my ambition.

I live in Laem Mae Phim on the coast in Rayong Thailand.

Most of the day I spend writing when at home. When I am not writing I am travelling the world as background to my books with my beautiful partner Pitsinee.

Through my work as a consultant I have been to many countries and there cities. I have seen firsthand the underworld and witnessed the hardship and poverty that exists in the world today..

Many of the events I write about I have seen and use these experiences as background to my stories.

I am a writer of fiction in e-books, that can be puchased on line at Amazon, Kindle books, Smashwords, Ingramspark and many other reputable book stores. 

If you  want to sample my work email me at samboydauthor@aol.com and I will send you a free signed copy of CONSEQUENCES.


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[Following is an abridged version of the official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Consequences" by Sam Boyd.]
Consequences by Sam Boyd is a short novel following Jack Turner, the son of village shopkeepers, as he makes his way into English high society. Through his education in a well-regarded school and his friendship with high-born Rupert Winstanley, Jack mixes with the upper classes, becoming a successful lawyer and a Lord near the end of the story. The plot traverses a range of events, from Jack's school days and first love, to the beginning of his career and the eventual souring of the close friendship between himself and Rupert. Consequences comes to a swift and dramatic conclusion in which the meaning of the title becomes apparent, leaving a rather regretful and dismayed Jack. 

I thought that the English setting was adroitly created; it felt very true to life. 

The writing style of Consequences fits the content, as it matches the character of narrator Jack. 

I would recommend Consequences for its plot, which was the main draw. I found Jack's narration to be engaging and effortless to read. Readers who enjoy fiction set in England would like this book. as the milieu is accurately captured. 


Shelley Mae O'donnell          
I really liked it  Looking back on our lives always shows us that all of our  decisions, be they large or small, have consequences that may be large  or small and may show up immediately or experience a slow burn.
Well  written from the perspective of a key participant, we follow along the  life long journey of a group of friends we can relate to love, loss, and  the journey from youth to maturity.
A well written and realistic story of how life decisions have consequences.

Alison Keaney

The book was certainly a good read. The story was captivating and a page  turner. I just kept on reading. Well written characters throughout the  book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.      

Judy Munez

This is a  well written and intelligent story about life and how choices made  early on, innocent or not, can affect the future in ways that cannot be  predicted. The author has created well rounded and realistic characters  that leap off the page and ensnare you in the story. The story itself is  detailed and imaginative and is full of twists and turns that keeps the  reader hooked. This story is not a light, happy read - it is a serious  tale of friendship, unrequited love, betrayal, despair and regrets. 

Jean Kolonofsky

The opening book in Sam Boyd’s Jack Turner series introduces  Lord Turner as he returns from the funeral of his two closest friends.  Coming from humble beginnings, he received a scholarship to a  prestigious school where he first met Rupert Winstanley. Throughout  their school years they were inseparable. Rupert comes from a wealthy  family and introduced Jack to a society of power and wealth. It is there  that he met Anne, who would become the love of his life.

After  school their paths diverged, with Jack attending Oxford and Rupert  heading to Cambridge. While the friendship endured it was never the  same. After a major betrayal by Rupert, Jack accepts the situation  rather than speaking up and making his feelings known. Actions have  consequences and if he had not been so accepting life may have been much  different.

This is a tale of unrequited love, lies and betrayal.  From the moment I picked this up I was hooked on Jack’s story. From his  youthful school days to his rise in business and politics, each choice  that he makes has consequences that lead to a tragic ending. 

The book can purchased at: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075PFQCVD


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